Sushisushi ltd – Wholesale Japanese food and Sushi Supplier

Sushisushi ltd is a wholesale Japanese food supplier. We are a leading supplier of sushi related products sushi as sushi containers and takeaway supplies, sushi rice, nori and sushi making equipment. Buy your Wholesale Japanese Food from Sushi Trade UK.









Sushi Trade is the only distributor of Japanese food based outside of the London Area. We specialise in the supply of Japanese foods, especially sushi ingredients and equipment.

We deal with very small scale catering operations, all the way though to large corporations, taking great pride in our personal service, we have an extensive knowledge base on Japanese food and sushi. If you need any info or advice on sushi making, feel free to give us a call any time.

Sushi Trade can help in the sourcing and training of staff, supply of Japanese food products, sushi machines and sushi robots. We provide Japanese Tableware, Cookware, sushi conveyors, sushi take-away supplies and much, much more.

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